I was raised on a healthy dose of comic books, movies, and video games.

Each of them were fun in their own ways, but I found one thing about them all so interesting. These were drastically different ways to tell a story. Sometimes, it's the same story, like Batman. 

With comics, you get to read through the caped crusader's heroic exploits and you're rooting him on as a omniscient onlooker. In Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan's films (we're ignoring the other two), you are actually transported to Gotham City and you're right there next to him as Batman takes on his biggest and baddest foes. With video games, it goes even further. You are Batman, you are taking on his biggest and baddest foes, and at times you make decisions that craft the story around what you make it.

This is the kind of thing that I love. It's what Iā€™m working toward. I want to make stories that people get to interact with and become part of. The actual application of that could be anything from a physical experience or a website redesign, to a 30 second television spot. Through interactive and visual design, there are so many opportunities to tell stories that people identify with. 

Links to Stay Updated

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